Marriott Resorts still wants me!

Tonight, at dinner time when a mom is most likely to be home, the phone rang. It wasn’t the lottery but it was good news — the 80% discount on Marriott Resorts was still available! I had received a phone call two days earlier explaining the offer and the deadline — which was yesterday.

Actually, the deal had ended weeks earlier according to a mailing I had never opened. But in a credit crunch, cash is king and from Main Street to Wall Street it’s time for Let’s Make a Deal.

My husband and I just couldn’t resist. We signed up. Of course, it is never quite as cheap as it seems — but it is a very good value. For $199 down we can go to some very nice resorts in Florida, South Carolina, or the Caribbean anytime over the next 12 months. The cost for four nights/five days can be as low as $199 and as high as $699, depending on the resort and time of year. The most expensive is Marco Island near Naples, Florida — $699, including fees and taxes. Normally the resort charges $900/night for its villas. Marco Island doesn’t have any “regular” rooms.

Orlando is probably the cheapest offering and handy for families with kids. We have kids, but my husband and I hate rides, waiting in line, and over stimulation. Don’t tell them!

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