Gallows humor for Citi, the penny stock

There was a time when CitGroup unit Smith Barney didn’t allow its brokers to trade stocks priced at under $10. Today, Citi briefly dipped below $1/share before clawing its way back past the dollar mark to close at $1.02, the most active stock traded today at 575 million shares. Five of the 30 components in the Dow Jones Industrial average are trading under $10/share: Citi, Alcoa, Bank of America, GE, and General Motors.

The fate of Citi’s stock brought out plenty of gallows humor from StockTwits:

  • IRON100 Mar. 05 at 4:17 PM #
  • $$ Wondering if $C will trade low enough that I can buy it (with what I have in my wallet lol).

    Ticker: C

  • mrmarket Mar. 05 at 4:17 PM #
  • Good Gosh who in the hell wants to take Citi’s place in the Dow Jones? I would be begging for then not to include my company. $$

 stringsn88keys Mar. 05 at 4:16 PM # 

  • You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. $C, $GM

    Ticker: C GM


  • WhatTheTrading Mar. 05 at 4:13 PM #
  • I went to pay my $C credit card with $C stock and got an “insufficient fund” notice 🙂

    Ticker: C

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