The dismal science finally gets some hot numbers

A photo of Brad DeLong in his office.

Brad Delong, a numbers hottie

Economists, practitioners of the dismal science, have finally caught the eye of those who can turn policy wonks into hot numbers. In its trademark mix of class and trash, The Daily Beast unveils “10 Hot Economists” for the Great Recession. Whaddaya know? They are all white, middle-aged (more or less) males. Makes me think of Iceland. That would be the fishing nation that sent all its able-bodied men (and I do mean men) into the sea of high finance to bankrupt the country and wipe out its currency. Iceland is doing a little better now that it has a few women steadying the economic ship of state.

Do you think a little diversification among the economists steering our great ship might be useful?

Take a look at the “sexy” mugs in 10 Hot Economists – The Daily Beast. But for cleavage, you’ll need to check out the Daily Beast’s  Transition Hotties.

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One thought on “The dismal science finally gets some hot numbers

  1. It is sad that the profession is so male-dominated.

    I suspect that you (and they) made Paul Volcker’s by calling him “hot” and “middle-aged”.

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