Redeem your bonuses: Give to Sen. Dodd's Campaign

Christopher Dodd speaking at an SEIU event.

Dodd at a union event

Wealthy Wall Street executives may be outcasts to some Americans, but not to Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd.

Facing his toughest re-election fight, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee is reaching out to the financial sector’s deep-pocketed donors for the campaign cash he needs to hang onto his Connecticut seat.

It’s a practice that worked for Dodd in the past as millions flowed in and the five-term lawmaker cruised to victory. Down in the polls and looking at a tough Republican challenge next year, Dodd again is turning to the financial industry for campaign money, undeterred by the populist Main Street anger.

via Dodd taps Wall Street money for re-election.

Here’s what one Wall Street denizen has to say about that: “you call me names -talk about my comp & now you want a donation?”

This should be interesting.

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