Some Wall Street 'true confessions' I'd like to see

I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business album...

As markets fell apart and fear gripped the nation, everyone asked: Who’s to blame for this mess? Time Magazine even ran a cover story fingering the top 25 people it deemed responsible.

The tables have turned on the blame game. Wall Street players are starting to elbow their way into the spotlight to say, “Blame me!” First there was the computer whiz who wrote a gripping first-person account for New York Magazine on how his handiwork on Wall Street helped to blow up the economy. And now there’s a new book by an investment banker who tells all about the evils of the collateralized debt obligation market.

Icon Books this week publishes a book by Tetsuya Ishikawa entitled “How I caused the credit crunch”, which is a semi-fictional account of his seven-year career in structured credit at ABN Amro, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

via CDO banker writes salacious memoir (h/t Jonathan Reiss).

Here are a few titles I’d love to see come out next:

Fannie Mae was my Moll by Barney Frank

How to Milk Wall Street While Pandering to Main Street by Christopher Dodd

Loans Gone Wild by Angelo Mozilo

Confessions of  a Mortgage Pusher by Andrew Cuomo

It Wasn’t Goldman Sachs: My Years at Citibank by Robert Rubin

The World’s Best Bridge Tournaments by James Cayne

I’d love to hear your ideas for true confessions from your favorite enablers.

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8 thoughts on “Some Wall Street 'true confessions' I'd like to see

  1. Credit Default Swaps, Everything You Need To Know by Phil Gramm

    101 Things Not To Do Or Say As They Economy Collapses by John McCain

    A Guide To How It’s Time To Know When To Retire by Alan Greenspan

    S.E.C., Never Heard Of It by George Bush

    Behind Closed Doors, How To Sell Out America’s Energy Future by Dick Cheney

  2. You’ve Got to Get Up and Dance by Chuck Prince

    Credit Default Swaps Were Very, Very Good to Me by Joseph Cassano

  3. Very funny. But I think we’re letting the business press off a little too easy. Although there were stories about an overheated market — especially in Florida — as a whole I think we missed the big picture. It’s interesting — not a single Pulitzer went to a business journalist. There were so many big stories last year: The presidential election, Iraq, etc. But the economy was also a very big story as well.

    • At the risk of sounding snarky Nancy I have to ask was there anything published in the business press over the last year Pulitzer worthy? It seems to me that the business press was about as effective in lead up to this finical crisis as MSM was in the build up to Iraq. Too much cheer leading, too little hard reporting.

    • “Dogmatism and Selectively Embracing Enlightenment Ideals: Why we sob and drink ourselves to sleep every night” by The Economist, special foreword by the nameless guy who wrote The Economist’s endorsement of Obama

  4. “You’ve Got to Get Up And Dance” by Chuck Prince

    I Got My Money, They Defaulted, I’m Happy by Joe Cassono (AIG)

    It’s Not My Problem If They Default
    by a cast of thousands of mortgage brokers, investment bankers, bank CEOs, rating agency executives and lawyers for all of the above.

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