BoA turmoil pushing us closer to a color blind society

Barack Obama — President of the United States.

Richard Parsons — Chairman, Citigroup.

Walter Massey — Chairman Bank of America.

Someday, no one will think — those are all African American men. The world is changing. It’s not there yet — we still notice when a member of a minority group or a woman rises to positions of power. But in the past four months, things have shifted. Walter Massey, of course, was named chairman of Bank of America after shareholders booted CEO Ken Lewis from the position. In another story, I’ll discuss the issues of board governance and composition. But for the moment this post from Twitter says it all:

“Let me talk that talk for a second. Do yall not understand how massive this is? Massey, BOA Chairman; Parsons, Citibank Chairman. POTUS Wow!”


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