TARP critic interview zapped from Telegraph's archives

If you’re looking to read the story that goes with the headline I pulled yesterday about a TARP beneficiary calling the rescue plan a sham — stop. For reasons unknown, The Daily Telegraph pulled the story. The ever alert blog Zerohedge noticed the missing link. Or as Gertrude Stein might have said, there suddenly was no “there” there:

It appears that the Daily Telegraph has gotten major cold feet about the incendiary interview (incendiary, at least, to the administration) it had posted last night with Mark Patterson. One can only speculate why that may be the case, but if you try to connect to the article that had received the biggest number of hits yesterday, you just get a big gaping 404 hole now.

Luckily, ZH expected some potential foul play, which is why we copied the entire piece in its entirety and still have it available for readers who would rather be exposed to the truth instead of watching CNBC and the ever increasingly more censored media outlets.

via Zero Hedge: Daily Telegraph Removes Mark Patterson Interview.

4 thoughts on “TARP critic interview zapped from Telegraph's archives

  1. I was shocked to see this as well, but not too surprised. Just this week I wrote a story regarding another story posted by ZH’s blogger, “Tyler Durden” at Zero Hedge, which was also taken down due to factors beyond Durden’s control:


    But as Mr. Hennessy says above, we’re quite lucky that on the Internet nothing is truly ever gone…in the end that may be what saves us from ourselves. (His Orwell reference put me in a philosophical mood.)

    • Paul,
      I saw and enjoyed your story on the Big Money. I was surprised Zerohedge didn’t fight harder — but Merrill, even when insolvent, has deeper pockets than any of us. And you’re right, the Internet has a radioactive half life. It’s a little scary.

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