Bailout Nation at-a-glance: 2008-09 vs 206 years of financial rescues

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and the government doesn’t have to subsidize the cost. Enjoy this amazing graphic from Barry Ritholtz, author of Bailout Nation.



2 thoughts on “Bailout Nation at-a-glance: 2008-09 vs 206 years of financial rescues

  1. this is stunning.

    the more i contemplate it though, i remember that our money isn’t hard (metal) so it’s only value is relative to other currencies. we’re not the only country that’s trying to print and spend our way out of this mess, so we may not lose as much as it seems.

    all the time, china is looking in better relative shape. large trade surplus, huge foreign currency reserves, and they dont have the expense of trying to resurrect a synthetic prosperity like ours. by synthetic i mean the fed manipulated interest rate and inflation rate perpetual prosperity that greenspan and bernanke we’re so proud of and always so eager to take the credit for.

    watch china rise above all of this world wreckage.

  2. China is a very interesting story. It has many internal challenges in terms of developing a domestic base of consumer demand. China also has been hording hard assets, which will help in its development going forward and the basis for “non-synthetic” growth. But in my view China still has a long way to go politically before its full power can be unleashed.

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