Blogger rigs Google to catch Goldman code seekers

crptogonpgoldmansearchhoneyHomeland Security, shame on you! Internet savvy blogger Cryptogon has rigged Google to catch cyberthiefs with their hands in the Goldman Sachs cookie jar. Seems the feds have been spinning the search wheel on the Goldman proprietary trading code illicitly uploaded to a server in Germany.

You would think Homeland Security might be busy trying to hunt down the hackers who recently infiltrated US government computers , fumes one commenter on the blog of Zero Hedge, which had picked up Cryptogon’s work.

For those of you just entering the story, Goldman is now starring in the role of victim after Sergey Aleynikov, a former employee, uploaded proprietary program trading code. Aleynikov says it was all a misunderstanding; he only intended to take open source software from his former firm before joining Teza Technologies of Chicago. He has been suspended from work at the high-frequency trading technology start-up.

Goldman has claimed in a criminal court case that the code could enable ne-er-do-wells to manipulate the market. Well, if that isn’t open invitation to try and find that code.

Other snoopers include Goldman Sachs (natch). Also on the list: Citadel Investments, the former employer of the trading genius who launched Teza; the New York City Police;investment manager Batterymarch, and InfoNGen, a business and finance intelligence group.

Cryptogon explains how he hunted down the cybertracks of “Goldman Sachs torrent code” seekers:

In short: I gamed Google and tricked people who were looking for the stolen Goldman Sachs software to come to my site… So I could see which organizations they were involved with. It’s a mystery to me why more organizations don’t hide what their people are doing online (ask any 12 year old computer enthusiast how this is done if you don’t know), but for whatever reason, many of them don’t.

via » Archives » Goldman Sachs Code Torrent. (h/t Zero Hedge)

Damn, wish I’d taken more computer courses.


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