The perfect Xmas gift for Tim Geithner

I just stumbled on the perfect holiday gift for our much besieged Treasury Secretary and Bailout Poo-bah Timothy Geithner: A check to defray the public IOUs, which are about to hit the official debt ceiling. Heaven only knows that Geithner is loathe to go to Congress once more, hat in hand, for permission to print more moolah.

Yes, I know you pay taxes. But this is different. Treasury actually has a special address that you can use to send a check earmarked specifically to chip away at the national debt. I discovered this when viewing a very disturbing chart on debt subject to a limit (good to know that there are limits on printing money in this country — who would believe it?). The chart on the Treasury site is dynamic; I can’t reproduce it in all its dynamism here. Instead, I give you a snapshot of the debt, which stands at $11.6 trillion, just one bailout away from the debt ceiling of $12.1 trillion. Under the chart, you’ll learn how to make out your check (hope it’s tax deductible!) to Treasury. In the memo, just scribble “Happy Holidays, Tim!”

Ain't no ceiling high enough...

Ain't no ceiling high enough..

How do you make a contribution to reduce the debt?

Make your check payable to the Bureau of the Public Debt, and in the memo section, notate that it is a Gift to reduce the Debt Held by the Public. Mail your check to:

Attn Dept G
Bureau of the Public Debt
P. O. Box 2188
Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

Courtesy of the Treasury Dept. FAQs

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