When it comes to work, don't gamble on Las Vegas head to D.C.

Looking for work? Don’t even bother heading to Detroit or Miami: Those cities have the worst ratio of job seekers to jobs available in the entire nation. Head instead to the nation’s capitol where job seekers and jobs are almost in equilibrium.

Check out the nifty graphic below to see how the unemployment picture is playing out across the United States. Economist Paul Kedrosky put it together based on data from the job site Indeed.com.

jobs per unemployed

Seems the tax dollars are hardest at work in Washington, D.C.

(Click on the graphic to enlarge.)


4 thoughts on “When it comes to work, don't gamble on Las Vegas head to D.C.

  1. Yeah, there are so many choices for working in DC:

    1. Work as a government bureaucrat who gets blamed, rightly or wrongly, for wasting federal tax dollars.

    2. Work as a lobbyist who gets blamed entirely rightly for causing federal tax dollars to be wasted.

    3. Work in non-profit group that ineffectually tries to prevent either the bureaucrats or the lobbyists from wasting tax dollars.

    I guess I left out the Congressional pages, who are basically the only people in Washington who actually do anything good for America.

    • Very well put. But I would quibble with point No. 3: Some of those non-profiteers have tried to wreak just as much havoc on the federal budget as the lobbyists. There are very few innocents in that thar’ swamp.

      • Those people should be classified as lobbyists, but are freed from it by the vagaries of our nation’s tax laws.

  2. The statistic for Detroit is staggering! 18 unemployed workers for every vacancy! I’ve heard all about the collapse of the auto industry, but this really puts it in perspective. With a labor market this challenging, it will be very difficult to attract young, talented people to move to the area.

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