Oops: Fat fingers boost mobile ad numbers

Beware the Fat Finger. It’s not just for traders anymore.

Guess what. Click-thru rates on mobile are pretty uniformly superior to rates on your desktop. But it’s not because users love ads on their phones more. It’s the fat-finger phenomenon.

Sacha Xavier Reich, a partner at neo@Oglivy social media advertising, points out the obvious: Phone screens are so small that people are much more likely to click on an ad by accident. And isn’t that annoying? So anyone taking a look to see well a certain social media company is doing in mobile, should ask not only about the click-through rate but also how long is the user staying on the brand site and whether the user is actually buying anything.

I wrote about the outlook for mobile advertising on Facebook and other possible sources of revenue for time.com this morning. But that Fat Finger Fact is my favorite part of the story. Read it here.


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